Resident Centered Focus

For millions of Americans, the years after retirement may eventually mean making a transition in the place they call home. Charles Hall Construction specializes in the design, development and build of senior living communities that provide an environment that anticipates and fulfills the needs of each resident. We work with caregivers to understand their seniors' lives and requirements so we can plan and execute a setting in which they can flourish. We call this our "resident-centered" focus and it's the cornerstone of our approach.

An Advisor You Can Trust

Where is the best location for your new senior community? How can you tailor your design to meet the needs of residents? What is the best way to re-develop an existing facility in order to provide a home-like community where seniors can flourish?

These are the kinds of questions we can help you answer. We bring years of experience to the table, offering the expertise to create a comfortable, convenient setting for the care you will provide. Here are just a few of the services we provide:

Market study: We analyze the demographics of the community you're targeting to help you understand the needs, assets and resources of the areas under consideration. We also consider where visitors live in relation to the senior community location and study shopping patterns to ensure the location will be convenient.

Advisory services: We work with our partners to ensure that premium strategic and financial value is achieved from your real estate assets. Our rigorous analytical process investigates real estate inventories, operations assessments and validation of planned new facilities. In addition, we determine if you have the right senior living community in the right location and with the correct range of services.

Development management: Using our expertise in senior residential living, we help plan, design, develop and then construct an environment that puts the residents' needs first.

Site re-development: We assess existing sites and create a plan for redesigning the layout, decor and fixtures to enhance the services you offer and create a safe, dignified and comfortable environment.

Implementation and construction: Once the development program is finalized, we make your community plan a reality. Our onsite staff provides the day-to-day oversight that ensures all the planning, scheduling and budgeting is executed successfully.

An Integrated Team of Committed Professionals

It's not enough to assemble a top-notch team of designers, architects, engineers and contractors. Everyone involved in a Charles Hall Construction project understands that the resident is at the center of the work.

We call this an "integrated approach." It means that everyone involved in the project has the same goals in mind: the wellbeing of the residents. We assemble top talent and work closely with them to ensure that everyone is aligned with this goal, using their skills to create a community that feels like home.

Focusing on the Needs of Dementia Patients

Residents facing the challenge of dementia have special needs. At Charles Hall Construction, we're committed to understanding those needs and translating them into an environment that provides these residents the comfort and safety they deserve.

We've consulted with the top experts in order to understand the type of design features that best accommodate residents with dementia, from the color palettes we choose to the way noise is managed within a community. The result is a nearly unparalleled capacity to help you create the kind of environment that offers a safe and comfortable refuge for these special residents.